Coaching is my entry point to the human conversation, my way of accessing the heart and connecting on a deep level.

It started with curiosity. Wondering what really makes people tick and why some people succeed beyond their wildest dreams, while others barely scratch the surface of their full potential. Over the years, teaching music was a wonderful vehicle for this exploration, and I got an amazing sense of accomplishment and fulfillment from championing my students to express themselves fully and authentically, to discover more of themselves than they ever thought possible.

My students’ transformations inspired me and fueled my passions for learning and making a difference.

I began to study successful people and to intentionally apply their principles to my own life and work. And the more I transformed myself, the more I saw the impact I was creating–empowering and uplifting those around me to also show up fully. Having tasted the possibilities, I was hungry for more, so followed my heart into coaching.

And my heart is where I coach from. Though I consciously use the standard techniques and tools of coaching, I am guided by my intuition, empathy and deep compassion for others. I rely on my inner child’s sense of fun and play to access my creativity, which helps me to listen on a deeper level and “see” into the soul of another.

What I have learned is that my coaching is about my clients and my clients are about me. While I hold the mirror up for my clients and reflect back so that they can learn and grow, my clients are also my teachers, providing the lessons I need to learn exactly when I need them. We are one in the web of humanity and ultimately it’s all about the connection. And connection is exactly what coaching is all about.



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