Today is my father’s birthday. He would have been 84.

It’s hard to believe that the last birthday he celebrated was eight years ago, that he has been gone from my life for so long.

I was still a professor and a professional flutist then, something that always made my dad proud. And I’d like to think he would be proud of who I am today. Because much of who my father was lives on through me and through my work as a coach. I am part of his legacy.

One of my father’s gifts was seeing and championing the potential in others, believing in them even when they couldn’t believe in themselves. This is an important part of my work as a coach. I love shining the light on parts of people that they haven’t yet discovered and nurturing the growth of these parts until they are strong and vibrant, fully expressed in the world.

My dad had this amazing way of connecting with people, heart to heart. And my coaching is all about connection at a deep level.

My father was also a generous man, with a big heart that was full of love. Giving to others brought him tremendous joy. My coaching is all about giving, in service to my clients and from a place of love.

Compassion was another one of my father’s gifts. He could always put himself in another’s place and understand their feelings. And compassion is one of the most important things I bring to my coaching. It’s part of the shared connection we have as human beings and a powerful healing force.

My dad always saw the good in everything and was able to step back and see how things fit into the bigger picture. I do this in my coaching by helping clients find the gifts and lessons in their situations and by teaching them to reframe to more empowering perspectives.

Gratitude was also important to my father. I help my clients to practice gratitude by acknowledging and celebrating all that is good in their lives.

My father also had tremendous faith. He always trusted that things would work out for the best, even when he had no idea of how that might happen. Faith shows up in my coaching in many ways. I trust the relationship with each client and the process. I believe that my clients are creative, resourceful and whole, that they have their own answers. And I know in my heart that all will be revealed in the right way and time for my client’s highest and greatest good.

So today, I celebrate my dad and all of his gifts. And I smile knowing that every time I coach, he is right there with me, in my heart.

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